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Get NCERT Solutions app for Maths, Science, English, SSt, Science for class 6-10 & class 12. Now you do not have to depend on tuition or classroom, to solve difficult
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We have covered CBSE solutions for following NCERT Books and CBSE Guide:CBSE Class 12Class 12 Maths solution- NCERT Maths solution- Part 1Class 12 Physics solution- NCERT Physics solution- Part 1 & Part 2Class 12 Biology solution- NCERT BiologyClass 12 History solution- Themes in Indian History- Part 1, Part 2Class 12 Political Science solution- Contemporary World Politics, Politics in India Since IndependenceCBSE Class 10Class 10 Board exam solutions- Maths, ScienceClass 10 Maths solution- NCERT Maths, Exemplar, RD Sharma solutionsClass 10 Science solution- NCERT solutions, NCERT Exemplar, Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Physics, Chemistry, BiologyClass 10 Social Science solution- India and the Contemporary World-II, Contemporary India-II, Democratic Politics-II, Understanding Economic DevelopmentClass 10 English solution- First Flight, Footprints without FeetCBSE Class 9Class 9 Maths solution- NCERT Maths solutions, RD Sharma solutions, RS Aggarwal solutionsClass 9 Science solution- NCERT Science solutions, NCERT Exemplar, PS Verma and VK Agarwal Biology, Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Physics, ChemistryClass 9 Social Science solution- India and the Contemporary World-I, Contemporary India-I, Democratic Politics-I, EconomicsClass 9 English solution- Moments, BeehiveCBSE Class 8Class 8 Maths solution- NCERT Maths solutions, RS Aggarwal solutions, RD Sharma solutionsClass 8 Science solution- NCERT Science, Lakhmir Singh & Manjit KaurClass 8 Social Science solution- History Part-I, History Part-II, Resources and Development, Social and Political Life-IIIClass 8 English solution- Honeydew, It so happenedCBSE Class 7Class 7 Maths solution- NCERT Maths solution bookClass 7 Science solution- NCERT Science solution bookClass 7 Social Science solution- Our Environment, Social and Political Life-II, Our Pasts-IIClass 7 English solution solution- Honeycomb, An Alien HandCBSE Class 6Class 6 Maths solution- NCERT Maths solutionsClass 6 Science solution- NCERT solutionsClass 6 Social Science solution- Our Habitat, Social and Political Life-I, Our Pasts-IClass 6 English solution- A pact with the sun, Honeysuckle
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