DroneDeploy 3.7.0 [free]


DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform worldwide for drone mapping and 3D modeling. The free DroneDeploy app provides easy automated flight and data capture,
and enables you to explore and share high quality interactive maps in the field directly from your mobile device. Fly your DJI drone autonomously with just two taps on
your Android device. Process your imagery with DroneDeploy to generate high resolution maps and 3D models, then analyze, annotate and share your maps with others directly
from within the app. Take your analysis to the next level using a growing suite of over 30 best-in-class tools from industry experts available for install within the
DroneDeploy interface on the drone industry’s largest App Market.
Great for a wide range of aerial imaging and mapping applications in agriculture, construction, surveying, mining, insurance and inspection and more, DroneDeploy has
empowered users to map over 10 million acres in more than 150 countries.
Compatible with DJI’s latest drones:
- Mavic Pro
- Phantom 4 Pro
- Phantom 4
- Phantom 4 Advanced
- Phantom 3 Pro
- Phantom 3 Advanced
- Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 Pro
- Inspire 2 (including support for the Zenmuse x5 camera)
- Matrice 100
- Matrice 200
- Matrice 600
Autonomous flight highlights:
- Simple flight planning
- Auto-flight and camera settings
- Automated pre-flight safety checks
- Rotate flight direction
- Auto-takeoff, flight and landing
- Live stream First Person View (FPV)
- Smart auto exposure adjustments
- Disable auto-flight and resume control with a single tap
- Multi-flight mission support and starting waypoint selection for continued missions
- Offline flight capabilities
- Custom parameters (altitude, front and side image overlap, camera settings)
- In-app support
- Generate and view a low-resolution 2D map as the drone flies (available as part of the Fieldscanner beta)
In-field data analysis on any device:
- Explore interactive maps
- Measure distance, area and volume
- Analyze elevation, NDVI and more
- Share maps, annotations and messages
Image processing and analysis available on dronedeploy.com:
- Upload imagery from your drone’s SD card to www.dronedeploy.com to process high resolution 3D maps
- Process ground control points to create high accuracy maps and models
- Export data in the format you need
Please fly responsibly and obey all local regulations.
Please join us in improving and discussing the app at http://forum.dronedeploy.com
Learn more about getting started with Inspire/P3 here:
What’s new
We are thrilled to release the beta version of our new real-time mapping tool, Fieldscanner. In an industry first, Fieldscanner lets you create and view a map instantly as
the drone flies so you can take action before it lands. Fieldscanner will be rolled out to all DroneDeploy customers and trial users over the next few weeks. Learn more
about Fieldscanner at https://www.dronedeploy.com/fieldscanner.html or request early access to the beta at http://bit.ly/fieldscanner-beta.
Recent improvements
The latest version of the app includes fixes to reduce:
- App crashes
- Poor image exposure
- First person video feed interruption
- Speed and responsiveness of the app

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