Electroneum 4.2.0 [free]


Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency, made just for your mobile, making it easy for you to send, receive and securely trade digital money on your smartphone and, soon,
you’ll be able to mine coins to add even more to your wallet.
Electroneum has developed a brand new disruptive technology for making digital money on mobile – we combine our own Blockchain, cryptocurrency and the universal appeal of
mobile, to make something entirely new that makes digital money very real!
This is a cryptocurrency designed for anyone, anywhere to get involved. We’ve removed the barriers of the sometimes elitist and complicated digital money markets, so that
you can easily send, receive, spend and even make more ETN coins – all by just using the app!
Electroneum makes access to cryptocurrency faster and more simple than ever before – no one else can deliver on mobile like ETN, and no one else has a mobile mining
experience that helps you earn more coins!
Just download the app for free and you’re in!
Once your investment funds are in your wallet, Electroneum can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, US dollars or any other real world or crypto currency, whenever you
Electroneum aims to have the largest cryptocurrency community in the market, so get involved now!
Your digital wallet is managed in app but we can also help you mine more value and get more fun out of cryptocurrencies by using our Windows, Mac and Linux CPU mining
software for your desktop PC – that means more ETN in your wallet!
Every cryptocurrency starts with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering / Token Sale) and it’s good for you to know that Electroneum had the most successful cryptocurrency
crowdfunding event in the world – with over 120,000 people investing, raising $40m and bringing the token sale to a close two weeks early due to overwhelming demand.
For further details on Electroneum, visit https://electroneum.com

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  • اسم التطبيق: Electroneum
  • لينة الفئة: أدوات
  • كود التطبيق: com.electroneum.mobile
  • أحدث إصدار: 4.2.0
  • الشرط المطلوب: 4.4 أو أعلى
  • حجم الملف : 13.74 MB
  • تحديث الوقت: 2019-06-22