Infobip Push 2.0.0 [free]


Infobip Push Android application is used to explore the Infobip Push service as part of Infobip IP Messaging Platform. This mobile application is easy to
use and can be downloaded and installed on any Android device starting from OS version 4.0. Testable features are: push messages and notifications, custom data payload and
msisdn linkage.
To set up a demo application, you need an Android mobile device with the demo application installed and an Infobip user account. New demo application record will be
created in the Infobip IP Messaging Platform once you log in into Infobip Push application. After that you can go to the Infobip Portal and start sending push messages to
your application.
If you already have an invitation link for your Infobip Push application, then just open it on a device. Infobip Push application will load appropriate application details
enabling you to receive push messages.

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  • اسم التطبيق: Infobip Push
  • لينة الفئة: المكتبات وتجريبي
  • كود التطبيق: com.infobip.pushdemo
  • أحدث إصدار: 2.0.0
  • الشرط المطلوب: 4.1 أو أعلى
  • حجم الملف : 7.55 MB
  • تحديث الوقت: 2020-05-29