Meteor Mercs 2 [free]


Meteor Mercs is an Action Arcade survival game with a focus on precision and skill. Fight through endless waves of increasingly difficult invaders as battle to save the
planets of the
An unknown alien threat has pushed the grand galactic armada of the federation to its limits. While the armada is holding the front lines, it now falls to mercenaries
& militia to help defend the fringe worlds from these hostile invaders. Through insane ingenuity, nearby massive meteors have been refitted with powerful engines.
These fearsome creations now give us the edge and firepower to turn the tides against these foes. Smash these massive monstrosities deep into their ranks and grind the
invaders to dust!
- Arcade action game play
- Tap and touch controls
- Wide variety of enemy behaviors
- Over 10 enemy types
- Varied planets and environments
- Space themed survival game
- No micro transactions

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