D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation 2.1.00 [free]








「DEVIL DOWNLOADER(惡魔下載者)」,通稱「D×2(D-Two)」。


你成為守護世界的秘密組織「解放者」的成員,跟著當紅影片上傳者「麥卡金」,逐漸被捲入D×2 之間的爭戰當中。




劇本:深見 真
角色設定:岩元 辰郎

Supply "really ‧ Megami Tensei" entirely new work plan to start running!
Inherited summon demons, representations, demons fit, 3D maze "really ‧ Megami Tensei" series essence, build into the most suitable use mobile phones to play games!

■ full of "real ‧ Megami Tensei" series of unique elements of the game!
The fight against enemy weaknesses to improve fighting the "battle round action" can be persuaded to join our enemy the devil to become a secondary magic of
"negotiations", used to strengthen the devil "fit" and other game systems completely reproduce!

■ mobile games in line with the characteristics of the new elements!
In addition to "reincarnation" "awakening" and other elements of cultivation, a variety of new functions new elements "original body" outside the body such as the law
alone as well as players battle each other assistance "combat support", etc.!

■ novice can feel at ease to play!
"Auto" and "speed" auxiliary function, and so very fulfilling!
Never played "really ‧ Megami Tensei" series of people can enjoy the game!

■ beyond the handset level demon CG!
High quality CG module will completely reproduce the players are familiar with the devil!
This for a collection of demons lineup, as well as the series for the first time in 3D of the devil!

■ can repeatedly play elements are also very rich!
Raiders 3D maze to explore and "Aura door '!
"D × 2 duel" in competing with other players in PvP mode!

■ Story
"DEVIL DOWNLOADER (Devil downloaders)", known as "D × 2 (D-Two)."
Using a dedicated smart phone software to summon demons to control people.
Through a mysterious man's guide, you get the power. You become a member of the guardian of the world's secret organization "liberators", followed by a popular video
uploaders "McCarty gold" D × gradually been involved in the battle between the two of them.
Enemy organization called "Mission believer."
Another D × 2 group is in accordance with their own ideas and actions
In order to address their barriers to achieve their goals, are quietly in the exclusion of the owner of the height of "empathy Index" of.
Behind the seemingly flat Wen society, people's malice is spreading quietly. War between the devil downloaders, has become more intense .......
Development: SEGA
Original: ATLUS
Screenplay: Makoto Fukami
The role of setting: Rock Yuan Chen Lang
Official Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/d2megaten.official.zh/
Official website: https: //d2-megaten-l.sega.jp/zh

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