Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG 1.4.8 [free]


System requirements:
- Disabled power saving mode. With this mode on the game is slowed down prominently.
- The game lags at some devices with Android 5.0. To treat such lagging you’ll need to upgrade to Android 6.0 or newer
- Tegra and Intel-based devices are not supported
- RAM: 1 GB and more
Innumerable hosts of warriors representing the sides of Light, Darkness and Nature are coming together for a decisive battle. The unexplored and dangerous afterworld has
been chosen to be their battlefield.
This is a world of magic, of ancient artifacts and countless armies of evil spirits.
Adversaries possess powerful spells; they can use the magic of the elements. To overcome them, you must develop a battle strategy that exploits the weaknesses of your
You’ll need to master magic, find spell cards and gift-stones, the rare artifact stones left by spirits of ancient times. Using them you can develop you combat skills: To
become a powerful mage with spells demolishing thousands of enemies, or a strong warrior with unbreakable armor, or to find your own way. The choice is yours!
Choosing one of the powers - Light, Darkness or Nature - you can fight the real players. After victory you’ll gain their power, energy and fame.
Now fate of the living depends on the dead.GAME FEATURES:● DIVERSE GAME MECHANICS
- You can click, swipe, hold the screen, use magic cards and switch combat signs.
- Strong PRG component. Ability to create truly unique character. Three major and more than a hundred of additional development parameters are available for you.
- We were inspired with such games as Dark Souls, The Witcher, Diablo.● RICH RPG COMPONENT
- You select your character development strategy suitable for you, true RPG game fans. The game has the following powers: Light, Darkness and Nature. Each party has its
own features and advantages.● WITHDRAW POWER FROM OTHERS
- By overcoming real players and monsters you gain their power, energy and fame.● DISCOVER AFTERLIFE WORLD MAGIC
- Finding rare cards with the most powerful spells you can collect a specific number of cards some magic rituals require. Each card use improves player parameters.
- Card reverse describes Afterlife world mysteries. Open up all cards and learn history of monsters, heroes, elementals, gods and other creatures indwelling this
- Collecting spiritual dust you can uplift your vigor, dexterity and willpower, improve your knowledge, open new perks and evolve.
- Combining found magic artifacts you are based on your own game strategy and look for a combination suitable for you only.● FIND ADVERSARY WEAKNESSES
Each opponent is unique in its parameters, behavior and appearance. You should learn their strong and weak sides to find the fastest way to win.● REAL-TIME TACTICAL COMBAT
- You can activate special skills holding the screen and swiping.
Attack - your hits are lightning-fast.
Defense – you enemies cannot damage you while your next attack delivers shattering blow in response.
Magic – you can use attacking and protective spells as well as element spells.

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  • اسم التطبيق: Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG
  • لينة الفئة: لعب الأدوار
  • كود التطبيق: leviusLLC.Afterlife
  • أحدث إصدار: 1.4.8
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